How to Find a Safe Appetite Suppressant

If you’re overweight or obese, you’ve probably tried just about every diet plan out there – from low-calorie to low-fat to low-carb. Turning to an appetite suppressant can work wonders but how do you find the correct one? We’ll explain how…

If you’re overweight or obese, you’ve probably tried just about every diet plan out there – from low-calorie to low-fat to low-carb. And you’ve probably also discovered what all these diets have in common: low fun and low success.

Most fad diets don’t work because the meals you’re supposed to eat aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite, leading you to cheat on your diet and binge-eat. This creates a cycle that only ends in disaster: cutting calories way back slows down your metabolism, making it harder to lose weight and very easy to put extra weight back on the second you stop eating ‘according to plan.’

The only thing worse than this rebound weight gain? The feelings of guilt and hopelessness many people naturally experience when they quit yet another diet and blame it on themselves, thinking I just don’t have the willpower to lose weight. The truth is that finding it impossible to stick to a weight loss plan rarely has much to do with willpower – some people simply have stronger appetites than others, and it’s unrealistic to expect success on any diet if you don’t have the ability to get your appetite under control.

This is why many dieters turn to appetite suppressants to reach their weight loss goals, but choosing over-the-counter formulations can be disastrous: many are completely ineffective, while others contain harmful ingredients that can lead to serious medical issues. One of the most common side-effects of OTC appetite suppressants is dehydration, which can leave you feeling fatigued or with a raging headache – and far more likely to crash on the couch and overeat than get to the gym or choose a healthy, properly-proportioned snack.

So what can you do if you naturally have a big appetite, or tend to overeat when you’re stressed or tired? Using the right appetite suppressant when you need it can work wonders to help you reach your weight loss goals, but you don’t want to risk your health by choosing a mystery supplement online or over-the-counter.

At IHS Medical Group, we offer the highest-quality and safest appetite suppressants available, which work to target specific areas in your brain to reduce your hunger levels. This means you’ll find it easier to resist a sweet treat at the end of a long workday or a second helping at a big backyard barbeque, and you’ll lose weight faster without having to feel deprived.

Through our doctor-supervised metabolic medical weight loss plan, IHS Medical Group can help you determine when it makes sense to take an appetite suppressant and the appropriate amount for you based on your height, weight, and weight loss goals.

With regular check-ins with our encouraging and supportive team, you’ll be on track for weight loss success without ever feeling like you’re starving and without the fear of ‘willpower failure’ – and most importantly, without putting your health in danger by taking appetite suppressants that aren’t carefully chosen and customized to suit you.