Bring Your Skin to Life with the Healing Powers of Your Own Body

If you have an uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or just a generally dull, lifeless complexion getting you down, try our PRP microneedling facial. This procedure uses your own body’s healing mechanism to repair your skin.

If you have an uneven skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines, hyperpigmentation, or just a generally dull, lifeless complexion getting you down, there’s a new treatment available getting excellent results with no surgeries, no lasers, and no long periods of downtime required. At IHS Medical, we offer this treatment for your face, neck, and décolletage.

It’s called a PRP (platelet-rich plasma) microneedling facial, and it’s ideal for anyone looking for skin rejuvenation without the expense of surgery or the limitations of laser treatment (which is often unsuitable for people with hyperpigmentation.) It’s also known as a collagen induction facial or a ‘vampire facial,’ because it uses the incredible healing powers of your own body and your own blood to stimulate cell regeneration, new collagen formation, and increase the amount of elastin in the skin.

The procedure itself takes around 45 minutes one hour. First, your IHS Medical Group provider will draw a small sample of your blood and place it into a machine called a centrifuge, which spins around rapidly to separate the different components of your blood.

Once the centrifuge has finished its work, your provider takes the concentrated PRP from your blood sample and mixes it with a calcium chloride solution. Next, the provider uses a hand-held tool called a dermaroller to make a series of tiny puncture wounds across the surface of your skin – that’s the ‘microneedling’ part. Microneedling has minimal side effects and can be used safely on most skin types, even patients with melasma or other forms of hyperpigmentation (it’s even safe enough to perform on the delicate skin under the eyes.) After this process is complete, your provider will apply the PRP solution carefully to your face.

As your skin’s natural healing process goes to work to repair the tiny needle ‘injuries’ while absorbing the growth factors and cytokines (including platelet-derived growth factors, transforming growth factor, insulin-like growth factor, and vascular endothelial growth factor) in the concentrated PRP solution, it becomes healthier and younger-looking, with the procedure improving skin texture, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines, increasing facial volume (without the undesirable ‘chipmunk’ look of some facial fillers and implants), and reducing the appearance of scars. Because the facial uses your own growth factors, the risk of allergies is virtually eliminated.

To achieve best results with the PRP microneedling facial, the team at IHS Medical Group recommends a series of three to four treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart.

If you’re looking for a facial transformation with no need for general anesthesia or surgery, none of the limitations of laser therapy, and which harnesses the healing powers that exist naturally in your own body for maximum micro-targeted skin renewal and tightening, ask us about our PRP microneedling facial today.